Kozhikode – a future city, rooted in rich history.

Walking through the heart of Kozhikode, everything might seem normal at once; a beautiful Indian city with a modern face to it. Bazaars, malls, entertainment avenues, restaurants and all the conveniences. However, Kozhikode is much more than a sprawling urban centre. It is a shore that defined the course of Indian history.

It is right here that Vasco Da Gama set his foot way back in 1498, thereby marking the beginning of the infamous European invasions of the Indian sub-continent. It is a historic port city through which Spice trade flourished in the Malabar coast, opening up new markets and possibilities. It is a land that saw the rise and fall of the mighty Zamorins and many other historic empires. Rightly, Kozhikode is a historic destination that takes you back in time, yet entertains you with innumerable experiences.

Due to its predominant role in the historic spice trade especially during the medieval period, Kozhikode was often referred to as “The City of Spices”. It served as the capital of the independent Kingdom ruled by Zamorins. Being one of the most important port cities of the past, Kozhikode also acted as the gateway to the South Indian for various foreign traders including the Chinese, Arabs, Persians and eventually the Europeans.

Today, Kozhikode is classified as a tier 2 Indian city. The second largest urban metropolitan area in Kerala with a population of over 2 million, Kozhikode is rapidly developing in to a major industrial and IT hub. Also, the city as such is a beautiful one to walk around and enjoy. The famous Kozhikode beach can rightly be described as the nerve centre of the city. There are parks, backwaters and various other experiences that the city has in store for a passionate traveller. The city is renowned across the world for splendid tourist spots, delicious food and its intrinsic cultural vibrance.


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